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Friday, November 28, 2014



Thursday, November 27, 2014

Dear Reader,

I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! Bob and I spent a quiet day as we will be getting together with family on Saturday. 

Our neighbor gave us a large section of beautiful pink salmon that he had recently caught. Bob baked this with lemon slices, serving it with yummy sliced carrots and a chipotle salad. Simple and delicious.

Since we did not have to be up this morning and drive to a family get-together, I opted to read through the night and sleep in. Love being able to do this with a good book! 

If you enjoyed the movies based on several novels by Dan Brown, you will no doubt enjoy the 600-page novel, Inferno, published in 2013. You might remember that Dan Brown became a popular author with his best-selling story and the subsequent movie, The DaVinci Code. 

Inferno takes the reader back to Europe with another tale of history, art, religion and science, featuring the returning character of Harvard educator and symbologist, Robert Langdon (played so well by Tom Hanks).

I was happy to read on-line that producer/director Ron Howard was to have begun filming the book in August, 2014, with Tom Hanks reprising his role of Langdon.

I have an affection for Italy. Inferno takes place in the city of Florence. The story-line of mystery and intrigue is based on the written work by Dante Alighieri,* circa 1300. It is wonderful to read a book that transports the reader to real cities, history, art and culture, as Dan Brown's books so easily do. 

As I read during the night, I found myself reaching more than once for my tablet, studying images of the paintings and sculpture by Botticelli and Michelangelo that Dan Brown wove through his narrative.

As this day draws to a close, I expect to be reading into the night once again. Half-way through this novel, it will be fun to pick the book up again tonight and continue reading.

Alighieri Dante 
Statesman and Poet, Divine Comedy
Portrait by Sandro Botticelli

*"Inferno (Italian, for hell) is the first of three parts of Dante Alighiere's 14th century epic poem, Divine Comedy

It is followed by Puragatorio (purgatory) and Paradiso (paradise). It is an allegory telling the journey of Dante through Hell, guided by the Roman poet Virgil.

In the poem, Hell is depicted in nine circles of suffering located within the Earth. The Divine Comedy represents the journey of the soul towards God, with the Inferno describing the recognition and rejection of sin."        

Source: Wikipedia

The Divine Comedy
Chart of Hell
by Sandro Botticelli

As you can no doubt guess, I definitely got caught up in the history of Dan Brown's latest book and am looking forward to continuing to read the story and anticipate the movie's opening. I had purchased the paperback a year ago and am only now reading it. I am grateful for the time to give to another well written book by Dan Brown.


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"Thank you for reading and have a great day!"

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Shaiha said...

I tend to be an avid reader but right now I have been involved in a video game. I waste time playing them every couple years so I don't feel too guilty.