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Friday, November 7, 2014




November, 2014

Dear Reader,

Within the pages of my book, Journey's End, I wrote the following: "Life is the process of change and change is good."

Anything that we have been carrying around with us for a long time, that we realize is no longer working for us, needs to change.

It's good to recognize this and know that when something is no longer working for our benefit, that we have in fact out-grown the belief or behavior, it is time to create new good in our lives. 

Mother Nature's four seasons are metaphors for our lives. Similarily, Native American spirituality uses the points on the compass within the Medicine Wheel in the same way:

We are born in spring (South), move into youthfulness and early adulthood in summer (West). We find wisdom, responsibility and greater security in the autumn or mid-years (North) of our lives and grow older and age into seniors in winter (East).
My family and I made plans to travel to Mesa, Arizona in October to visit my step-mom. She and her brother moved to Apache Junction one year ago and I was truly looking forward to seeing her again. 

My parents and grandparents have all passed except for Mom, who is 85 years old. She suffers with diabetes and Parkinson's disease yet is a woman of deep faith who tries to live as strongly as she can each day.

I talked with her on the phone yesterday. She had a bad day, emotionally melting down as strength eluded her in an effort to perform simple chores. Yet, yesterday was also the anniversary date of my Dad's passing and this was hitting her hard, as well. 

I know our visit and depth of sharing last week brought up a lot of good memories for her, as it did for me. With it came the heartfelt reminder to her that Dad has been gone for fifteen years and she misses him terribly every day. With deep faith she has moved through enormous change.

It felt good to get away for that week. I always say that a vacation clears the cobwebs out of my mind and blows fresh air in. I can always count on lots of laughter and joy with my kids, too.

The change in temperature was extreme, too. We flew out of Portland, OR, leaving cool temps and rain behind. Stepping off the plane in Phoenix felt like landing in Hawaii - hot and humid. My grandson could not move fast enough to pull his jacket off. I loved the change in scenery to red rock, wide open space, desert and cactus of all shapes and sizes. Beautiful! It was good to be back in the Southwest.

It was also good to be with my family and spend time with Mom. I know it meant the world to her. 

Returning home, I thought about fresh ideas and inspiration, of new good. I was led to create a new section in my Etsy shop, LAREN DEE DESIGNS

I named the new section TAKE IT FOR 5 DOLLARS. With 300 items in on-line inventory between three shops (Etsy and Zibbet), I wanted to bring some of that fresh air in, reduce inventory quickly with below-cost pricing.

A wide variety of earrings, bracelets and necklaces are in this section. Regardless of design, each item is only $5! 

It is my hope that you will take advantage of the pricing and purchase new items for yourself, birthdays, holiday gifts and stocking stuffers. A new customer ordered ten items yesterday and I am truly grateful!

Creating greater circulation of my designs will (hopefully) bring new customers to my shop. Those of us who create artisan crafted items depend on word-of-mouth to build our businesses. I'm looking forward to creating new designs as we move forward into 2015. Yes, change can be a very good thing!

"Thank you for reading and have a great day!"


Sharyl said...

What a great idea, Lauren! And just when many holiday shoppers are looking for the best hand-made bargains for lovely gifts!

I did something similar last week. Visited some local pals and took a rack of earrings I've been wanting to move and sold at 1/2 price. We were all delighted with the results! :-)

Sorry to hear your mom is struggling but glad you had a good stay and visit with her. The sting of missing family members, especially around holidays and special days, may lessen for a while but never seems to go away. Glad you can be a comfort to one another.

Hope your celebration of Thanksgiving is a lovely one this year! All the best, Sharyl

Laren Dee Barton said...

Dearest Sharyl,
Your comments are always given with thoughtfulness and kindness. Please know how much I appreciate you!

Hugs and love,
Laren :)