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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Paying It Forward


Dear Reader,

It is a personal habit of mine to look for those quiet opportunities to do something for another person. I have been blessed with much in my own life, grounded in strong faith and spirituality. I have learned that 'things' do not matter. I have lived through years with little income and doing without to having more with less worry.

I believe that having good health is the richest of riches. Without it, life can be a struggle each day. As I get older I cannot help but be aware of my mind and body, trying my best to feed and nurture in good ways. 

I think the biggest lesson I have learned is to have faith, pray strongly, look for the goodness in each situation, count blessings, have gratitude in my heart.

Last week I wrote a blog about a husband and wife who helped me when my cell phone had died and I needed a gate code to drive the final distance to my daughter's home. I looked for an opportunity to do more than having left them with a verbal thank you that day.

Two days later I searched online and found their home address and Mike and Cara's last name. I took a pair of earrings from my inventory, wrote a thank you note on pretty stationary and printed a copy of that blog. I packaged all the items, printed a label and shipped it to them the next day.

I'm not looking for any kind of applause or good for you comments here. What I am trying to demonstrate is that I believe it is important for us to go that extra mile to say thank you, job well done, I am proud of you, whatever the sentiment is for the occassion.

I believe in paying it forward and hope that what I share here will be a small and gentle reminder that when we have the means to give, however that picture is defined in our own lives, we should. 

I had a conversation with someone this week who was questioning the meaning of faith tithing, the giving of ten percent of one's wealth. I reminded her that a church cannot operate without annual financial commitment from membership so that building mortgage payments can be met, pastor's salary paid, utilities and monthly expenses for a church office be provided for.

Commitments allow for expansion in our lives.

Would you accept a job on the basis that maybe you will receive a paycheck every two weeks? How could you plan a vacation getaway on the possibility that there might be funds to provide for it? How would you convince a bank of your credit worthiness without the guarantee of income?

It is a blessing to me each month that I can pay my bills. It is a joy to sit with my checkbook and online banking system and see that each item is provided for. Trust me, it was not always like this. Very lean years were a mental and emotional struggle because paying debt has been a commitment I learned years ago. 

I learned through faith to open my fist, release and let go of the energy. That as I give freely and with love, energy in whatever form (money, deed, word, action) flows freely, multiples, and returns! It is a law of action, a law of manifestation of the science of mind.

With this belief in mind, I open my heart and ask for opportunities where darkness may lay, that I can light the torch of love and kindness and offer brightness where it may be needed. I pay it forward, release and let go. No strings are attached to the giving or to the outcome. I know the energy I sew today blesses others and will return one day in another form, another meaning into my life.

Right answers have simple solutions. Pay it forward, sit back, watch what happens in your life!

May God bless you on this Mother's Day.

Thank you for reading and have a great day!


Kathy Lindemer said...

You too! I enjoyed wearing your earrings out to dinner with my husband on Mother's Day.

Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

Beautiful thoughts, Laren :)