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It's been said that if we do what we love, it stops being a job and becomes a passion. I love to write as much as I love to design jewelry. With this blog, I will share both with you!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Don't Say A Word...


Dear Reader,

It's been a busy week,
Creative ideas been a-flowin'

Found a pretty box,
Made some pretty earrin's.

Took a photo
With my camera
Added a few words,
Wishin and a-hopin'
To inspire you
To stay in touch
and see,

...A surprise is a-comin'!

June 1st is the date
So here's a lil' glimpse
Of what will be happenin':

Y'all come back now, ya hear?


1 comment:

Carol D. said...

Hey Laren, Want some jewelry inspiration. The Bead Soup Blog Party is going on and I participated along with about 500 others. Check it out if you have a little spare time.

Beads will be on the way Monday. Thanks again for your purchase.