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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Winter Became Spring...Finally!

Winter Became Spring...Finally!

April, 2014

Don't you sometimes feel like winter will never be over? It is getting to be more and more this way due to a pole shift that is slowly moving through a 9,500 year cycle. 

This means that North is no longer true North and has not been for a number of years. It has moved about thirteen degrees from true North and will eventually be a full pole reversal in the Southern hemisphere. 

This is the reason we are seeing an increase in earthquake and volcanic activity around the globe. We are moving ever closer to global upheaval as sea levels change and mountain ranges are born from volcanoes or shifted by earthquakes. Knowing this helps me understand and accept the changes and why it is generally colder now.

I looked at my blog the other day and was shocked to realize I had not written since New Year's. It seems that thing called "life" took control and has kept me too busy to have any stories to write.

I am glad to see it is April, as I am one of those who gets depressed with our very real Pacific Northwest Syndrome, known as gray skies and lots of rain. Because it has been colder the mornings are chilly. I keep watching for overcast skies to give view to the sun, trying hard to burn itself through the atmosphere and warm us. I am hearing thunder as I write this!!

Yet the swallows have returned along with Blue Jays. Daffodils bloomed and the pretty Bleeding Hearts are growing in a pot on the deck. The clematis is growing madly on the lattice fence next to my swing and the grape plants that will offer shade this summer are budding out.

The quince was overtaking the sidewalk so I did some good pruning to it. Elephant ears grow taller each day. Pink and white cherry trees have blossomed to their fullest and are now dropping confetti everywhere, so pretty!

I moved the furniture out onto the deck and enjoyed a fire in the chiminea on Easter Sunday. I have many reasons to be happy and look forward to the months to come. 

Springer Cat
Watcher of Birds, Keeper of Mice

It is my hope that your spring has been as lovely. For those of faith, we were blessed with Passover celebration and, for me, a profound Easter week of reading, prayer and meditation, from Palm Sunday through Good Friday and Easter Sunday. 

I have been reading The Circle Maker written by Pastor Mark Batterson and just finished reading Heaven Is For Real by Reverend Todd Burpo. I recommend them both to you, equally thoughtful and nurturing.


Moving into spring ignited energy in beaded jewerlry designs and I now have over two hundred designs available in necklaces, earrings and bracelets. There are sets, as well, as I am often asked to design earrings to coordinate with a necklace or bracelet purchase.

Having not written to you in nearly four months, I thought it would be fun to offer a contest. All you need to do is leave a comment associated with this spring blog (here, not on Facebook). 

You don't need to "like" or "share" anything, please comment on what you have read here or what excites you about spring; perhaps what you have been busy doing. Please leave a Facebook or email address for easy contact, if you would.


The contest will close at 6:00PM PST on Friday, April 25, 2014. I will use random number generator to determine our winner from those who left a comment by this date and time.

Winner will receive a $10 Gift Certificate with Free Shipping at LAREN DEE DESIGNS, an Etsy shop. No minimum purchase is required.

I will notify the winner here and on my Facebook page, so please be watching!

Thank you for reading, and have a great day!


Carol D. said...

Thanks for sharing all the lovely pictures of spring. I, too, am glad to see it finally here.

csdillman at gmail dot

Kathy Lindemer said...

I love seeing your photos. I am sure you enjoy your beautiful deck. Spring flowers especially daffodils are my favorite sight of spring.