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Friday, March 1, 2013

MARCHing in Like a Lion!

March roars in like a lion so fierce,
The wind so cold, it seems to pierce.
The month rolls on and Spring draws near,
And March goes out like a lamb so dear.
-attributed to Lorie Hill

Looking at my desk calendar and turning pages, I noted immediately that March is a busy month. Here's a list of events I found:

  • Sunday, March 10 - Daylight Savings Time
  • Sunday, March 17 - St. Patrick's Day
  • Wednesday, March 20 - Spring Begins
  • Sunday, March 24 - Palm Sunday
  • Monday, March 25 - Passover
  • Wednesday, March 27 - Full Moon
  • Friday, March 29 - Good Friday
  • Sunday, March 31 - Easter

I always thought the line about March "roaring in like a lion and out like a lamb" was only a catch-phrase. To find a poem was nice. I learned that the origin of the phrase is from the constellations of Leo the Lion and Aries the ram or lamb, and the position or relationship of these constellations in the sky, both at the beginning and end of the month.

It's amazing how animals fill our lives. Many friends and family have animals and love them dearly.  My husband loves to take care of the ducks and chickens we have.  He expects to buy chicks this spring at the local feed store, as we have lost a few chickens to old-age pensions (we do not eat our friends) and it's time to increase the hen house population.

I was looking at photos and came across this one, from Sarah. She was a nice turkey and lived happily with the chickens. Our grandson had chosen her as a little peeper and told Grandpa, "I think we need a turkey, Grandpa." Children are so wise, bless them. We were sad when she died years later. The white shelled egg (photo) was her very first egg. I had placed it next to chicken eggs for perspective when I took this shot:

Our domesticated animals include dogs Fred and Boo and the youngest, a two year old chocolate lab, named Hershey Dark. Amethyst is our outdoor female cat and Springer is our indoor male cat. He's allowed to be indoors because he does not damage furniture and carpeting. (Manners equal privileges.)

He has one annoying habit though - he likes to go outside and come inside.  He likes to go outside and come inside constantly  throughout the day.  

In this picture Springer has moved from his pink bed on a living room chair and walked over to me where I spend a lot of time each day working at my desk.  He is a very quiet cat and will peep a single very quiet 'meow' if he wants something. Here you can see that he has come over to me and outstretched his paw on my leg. That's his first signal that he would like to go outside.

The following pictures depict enormous patience as he waits for me to get up and move over to the patio door.


He'll study the stack of magazines and rub his face against them. He'll make sure there are no bugs crawling across the floor. He will study the floor just to make sure nothing else is about to happen. He'll sit quietly pretending to be very patient. In the end he knows I will stop what I am doing and let him out.

A very short time later, husband Bob will inevitably come in the room and ask where Springer is. "Outside," I say, "again."  I hear the front door open and oh, guess who has come in? Five minutes later there is soft fur rubbing against my leg and we start this drama once again. It goes on throughout the day more times than I can count on two hands.

Yes, I have thought about a pet door, but that would allow Amethyst to come in and wreck havoc and then the raccoons would show up and want to come in, too. Thank goodness the door, if I had one, would be very small, because surely a moose would show up and invite himself in for a muffin.* (Forgive me, dear reader, my reference is to a delightful children's book that I love.)

Thank goodness there are no lions around here. March will surely be busy, it will be windy and stormy, too. Yet I know that spring is here and the promise it brings will be gentle, like the lamb. Happy Spring!

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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*This is the moose I was referring to!


Sharyl said...

No, no, the moose gets a muffin, the mouse gets a cookie! lol! But, hey, I guess if the moose showed up at my door like at yours, I'd give it whatever it wanted! :-)

Lovely post and photos, Laren!

Aly Jackson said...

I have a cat that sounds just like yours...I swear he's a like a two year old and can't make up his mind if he wants in or out, LOL. Wonderful post!

Laren Dee Barton said...

Dear Sharyl, As you are a professional librarian, I am grateful you caught my error and reminded me it was a muffin, not a cookie!! LOL - I edited this part of the blog and added a photo of the book cover, as well.

Thank you so much, dear friend!
Laren :)

Sharyl said...

Those are delightful books! I'm glad you mentioned them. I used to read the Mouse one to my son when he was little!