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It's been said that if we do what we love, it stops being a job and becomes a passion. I love to write as much as I love to design jewelry. With this blog, I will share both with you!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Getting Holiday Ready

It's That Time of Year!

I love this time of year!  When I was a floral designer and owner of a small full-service flower shop in the early 1980's, Christmas was a month-long holiday (and still is, of course) in the floral trade.

There would be boxes of candle tapers and candle pillars in colors of red, green and white for centerpieces, along with fresh holly and evergreens cut from our property, ornaments and beautiful ribbons.  There were accents in gold and silver, too, creating elegance amidst red carnations and white chrysanthemums.

Nothing was more stunning than a tall arrangement of long stemmed red roses mixed with evergreens and candy cane carnations.  Elements of design were as endless as all the assorted 'pretties' at hand and it was great fun to make a variety of holiday bouquets throughout the entire month.

Last month I began designing holiday earrings for Laren Dee Designs.  I had a variety of beautiful lampwork and Czech beads in colors of red, green and white.  I pulled in gold and silver accents in faceted crystals and metal beads, just as in those floral designs from years ago.  It was a wonderful moment of deja vu when memories took me from earrings to floral pieces thirty years ago!

Yes, it is a festive time and I have been enjoying it so much.  I do hope you are getting your own decor out of cupboards and boxes.  Everything is bright and cheerful and I anticipate lots of joy and laughter with loved ones.  I pray that you are, as well.

Wishing you much love and joy

this holiday season!

Thank you for reading!

Magazine Eye Candy Attraction

Only a Penny??

I just opened the January, 2013 issue of InStyle magazine and came upon this ad by Zales.  If there is a reward in the advertising business for creativity, this one gets my vote.  I love the placement of their name and simple, one line message. It doesn't need to say more, it's all in the photo.  Mmmm-mmm.  Now, just let me go get my piggy bank...yeah, I'll be right back!

I'd like one of those, and one of those, and oh, that blue one...

Thank you for reading!