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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Natural Stone Focal Beads Become New Pendants

Pendants from Jasper and Lapis Lazuli

Do you ever just feel giddy when you complete something that you love to do, and you are so proud of the results, you just want to hoot and hollar?  Well, (laughing) this is the way I feel when designing jewelry.  It is such a joy to sit in my sandbox and let me inner child out to play.  

There is always a new season of colors to be inspired by, or perhaps a holiday.  Sometimes I just open one of my storage bins and pour the contents carefully into the center of my design table.  I will go through each piece, individually bagged for protection from scratches, until something goes 'wow' for me.  And then everything else gets put away so I can concentrate on the item before me.

A month ago I did some wire wrapping on eight natural stones.  This included creating a large loop at the top of these focal beads so they could be attached to necklaces. I decided they would be fun and playful with crystal beads creating a tassel at the top, as well.  

To keep the finished prices lower, I provided pre-made necklaces in rich colors of five-strand ribbons (with lobster clasp closure and extension) coordinating with the beautiful colors in each stone.  When finished, these eight focal beads became pendants with their own ribbon necklaces and flirty tassels.  The ribbons may be changed out for a favorite chain, as well.  Here, then, are the results with a description of the stones and colorations:

#1  Purple Sea Sediment Jasper

Purple sea sediment jasper is wire-wrapped with a gun-metal finish wire, tassels of dark purple crystals and gun-metal beads with olive green ribbon.  In the photo below, #2 has been designed with antique brass wire-wrapping and the specimen displays bright lavendar colorations.

#2  Purple Sea Sediment Jasper

#3  Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli in teardrop shape is wire-wrapped with antique brass wire, fitted with beautiful dark blue aurora borealis crystals and dark navy ribbon necklace.  There is a visible difference between #3 (above) and #4 (below), in the wire-wrapped detailing on each focal bead.

#4  Lapis Lazuli

The beautiful pendants in #5 and #6 are a unique blend of three natural stones known as fluorite, jasper and pyrite in teardrop shapes.  The wire-wrapping is a little different on each, but upon further inspection note that no two stones in nature could ever be exactly alike. 

#5  Fluorite, Jasper and Pyrite

#6  Fluorite, Jasper and Pyrite

The last two focal beads that I designed with were also Purple Sea Sediment Jasper, but note how these colorations are different.  They are not as purple as specimens #1 and #2.  These two pendants have far more red in them; one is darker and the other looks more pink.  The burgundy ribbons are lovely with both.

#5  Purple (Red) Sea Sediment Jasper

#6  Purple (Pink) Sea Sediment Jasper

I hope you enjoyed learning about these natural stones, if they were not already known to you.  I am fascinated by Nature and the amazing patterns and colors she creates. I hope you are, too!

"Thank you, and have a great day!"


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