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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Melodee Projects - Done!

I get a real kick out of my daughters because they love jewelry as much as I do.  Daughter Melodee loves to dress up for work, looking professional and sharp.  Sometimes her wardrobe has a flare for the dramatic, too, with a bustier under a jacket and five inch heels in animal print.

When she has a chance to come to my studio to see what's new, she'll say, "Let's go shopping, Mom!"  

Months ago when looking through my 'stash' of beads, she found a white jade Buddha and said she had to have it.  Looking further, she spied a brass metal dragonfly and said she had to have that, too.

Finally, after a summer full of designing new pieces for my inventory at Laren Dee Designs, I turned to those projects and said, "now!".  Here is a photo of what I chose to do with the Buddha: 

I wanted to keep the design light in weight, quiet with a soft nature about it.  I used white beads in three different shapes and then chose the lampwork beads that had just recently arrived in the shop.  Although difficult to see, they are very dark green with white on smooth round beads enhanced with antique silver end caps.  I felt the completed piece turned out well as a inspirational design.

Turning to the dragonfly was a entirely different direction in design.  It needed to be light-hearted, fun, reflective of sunlight while hanging in Melodee's car from the visor mirror.  I chose one lampwork floral bead in a black background surrounded with white flowers with yellow centers.  Yellow faceted crystals were the obvious choice to highlight the yellow in the center of those lampwork flowers.

I found a leaf in good proportion to the dragonfly and envisioned him flying while holding it.  And it was a natural to hang three individual crystals from the leaf, as if they were droplets of sunshine falling down onto a pond below.  

Now that these two designs are done and she will be receiving them in a few days, my next concern will be wondering what she will find next, that she likes!  At least in the meantime, my Melodee Projects are done, along with a few others, as well.  Phew!

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