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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!


Well, so what can I say?  I am a big kid at heart when it comes to Halloween.  Takes me back to those younger years of childhood.  The day of Halloween would inch forward slowly.  When it finally neared time for dinner who wanted to eat with all the excitement ahead?  Then, finally, it was time to get dressed in that special costume, wear a mask or put on make-up, carry a plastic pumpkin for goodies, and head out the door to neighbors' homes.  

The best houses were the scary ones, where the person who answered the door was in costume, too, and there were lots of carved pumpkins, bats, graveyard scenes and other frightening but fun things around the front door.  It meant a lot to see that they cared, too!  Headlights on cars driving slowly down the street illuminated other children in costumes and you could see their silhouettes ahead of you.

When are own two girls were around the ages of ten and twelve, my husband and I and the girls worked with two neighbor boys to set up a walk-through haunted house at the end of our driveway.  It was naturally dark with high holly shrubs and trees in the vicinity.  My husband put up metal stakes for walls and it was fully enclosed on all sides and ceiling with plastic tarps.  The doorway was draped so no one could see inside until they actually entered.  An outdoor extension cord provided electricity for a black light.

Neighbor kids were invited into the haunted house to get their candy from "the witch" and they loved the idea of a haunted house in their own neighborhood.  We did a good job because it really scared some of the little ones.  There were only one or two we could not talk into coming inside, that it would be okay, so they got their candy and were very happy to go on to the next house with their mom or dad. Parents loved what we had created!

We wore dark clothing and gloves so we could reach out like goblins, making shrieking or groaning noises, grabbing at shoulders as kids walked by, unsuspecting, towards the entryway. There were plenty surprised reactions and screams from our guests! Our younger daughter was dressed as the witch, sitting at one end of the structure.  Near her was a bucket of dry ice that flowed eerily around her like fog.  She handed out the candy when kids approached her.  Everything looked fantastic in the black light.  It was a great success - we laughed so much and then it was over much too soon.


"Trick or treat,
give us something good to eat!!"

I hope you'll let your own inner child out to play, and have a great day!

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