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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


[Author's note:  This excerpt is taken from my monthly newsletter, JEWELETTER, and reprinted here today.  From September, 2012 edition.] 

Colors of fall are definitely here.  I love this time of year.  White the weather is still warm, the leaves are changing their colors and getting ready to drop.  The air has that particular fragrance I can't quite put into words.  As soon as the sun sets the temperature drops immediately.  Last night I looked outdoors at 8:30 in the evening and saw how dark it was.  We have a line of fir trees that the sun drops over in the late afternoon.  Because of those trees I am able to observe the position of the sun as the Earth rotates seasonally.

Our twenty-year old grandson arrived at Tongue Point Job Corp Center, Astoria, OR, yesterday.  We are so proud of him for making a decision to better himself in the trades.  He is a natural carpenter.  I have watched him do so many projects here at our home and I know he works intuitively.  It will be a joy to watch this next chapter of his life unfold.

It's back to school time for all the kids.  Cannot believe our other grandson is a high school sophomore this year.  I am not sure that I like these kids growing up and leaving their nests!
One of the gals in my beading groups sends me questions like, for example, what size wire did I use in that necklace?  It's easy to tell from her messages that she has not been beading long and does not feel confident in herself yet.  I wrote her the following reply, and like all things in life, it's not about what we're doing, it's how we go about it:
  • I always let the materials guide me, I do not guide them. I begin to create by being in a clean, organized space. I don't feel harried and rushed. I get very quiet inside, draw together the items I THINK I will use, knowing they can/will change. By getting quiet I begin to become one with the items and allow them to speak to me. It's a bit spiritual for me. I don't believe the beauty is in knowing what I will create...I only have ideas....I ALLOW the materials to tell me what they need to be. This, for me, is true inspiration. It takes me out of the ego and allows something else to happen.
  • So if you spend some time with these thoughts, perhaps they will resonate with you, as well. Don't be afraid, don't be tight. Let your fingers move with the tools and wire, beads. Relax, let go and let the magic happen - you can do this!
It doesn't matter what we are doing, it's our intent that only matters.  If our focus and intent are good, and we let go and allow spirit to move us, we cannot fail.  Have a wonderful September and do something wonderfu

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