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Monday, August 6, 2012

On the Home Front

Last week was busy here on the home front and I did not get back to my design table to invest quality time in creating a new piece of jewelry.  I am hoping to mend that during this week.  I did succeed in getting my newsletter, JEWELETTER, finished and out on time.

I ordered subscriptions to magazines for trending fashions and accessories information for  the newsletter.  I have gemstone and agate books, and opted for more subscriptions to jewelry making and lapidary magazines, too.  I may regret not getting through all the new monthly reading materials!  I equate it to what a photographer said once; if you get one good photo out of a roll of film, you have done well.  I've used that advice many times through the years, on different themes.

Back to the newsletter:  There is always a learning curve with something new, especially computer related.  I was overwhelmed and frustrated the evening before it finally went out in e-mail form through Mail Chimp.  Sometimes you just have to step back and sleep on a problem, right?


The grandsons were here last week, along with visits from my daughters, a out-of-town friend and a nephew.  My husband and I loved every minute of our time with each of them.  Since moving to Rose Valley seven years ago, we are more detached from immediate family.  It is an hour's drive to the nearest daughter's home and another half hour drive East, out the Columbia Gorge, to the other daughter's home.  Now that our oldest grandson is driving, it is making a big impact on our not having to make those long drives to pick-up or drop-off one or both of them nearly as often.  Joy!!

This week the house is quiet and  the weather will be cooling down to the 70's.  I like!  It is awful having to keep the house closed up during hot temperatures.  It could stay below 80 degrees all the time and I would love it.  Nothing adds to my ability to be creative than being organized, feeling solitude, and cool breezes flowing in the window.  Outside the window, the view is green, the dogs are barking and playing.  It's like nesting and playing at the same time!


Husband Bob and I are avid bird watchers and have been for many years. The chickadees were making noises today so I knew they were in the trees above the deck and coming in for suet and seeds. I was getting my camera set-up, looking forward to getting some close-ups of them with my new Samsung digital camera. It is providing beautiful shots of my jewelry for on-line sales and I love to use it outdoors, as well.  Here is a "empty" photo, just focusing, getting ready for a bird to come in:

Our cat, Springer, was at my feet when I was getting set-up to take some photos of the chickadees. 

He jumped up on the railing to help me get the shot.  Uh, huh.  Oh, no.

Well, it was clear this attempt was now over.
On to other things in the day.

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