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It's been said that if we do what we love, it stops being a job and becomes a passion. I love to write as much as I love to design jewelry. With this blog, I will share both with you!

Sunday, December 7, 2014




Sunday, December 7th, 2014

Dear Reader,

How many times would you suppose that you have fallen and felt as if you could not get back up? Maybe once a week or every other day?

Sometimes, for me, those days come together and it takes more effort to push through the fog. I have dealt with depression throughout my adult life. Sometimes it has been a light form and other times darker.

I have always been one to seek the biblical Hope, to have faith and to trust in a higher power greater than myself. I do this every day but it is a bigger effort on the days when I feel overwhelmed.

I trust my inner voice to lead me in the right direction. I know when it is speaking with a spiritual sureness, with a conviction of strength. You learn what works and follow it!

Last week I wrote a blog asking for help for someone in great need. I received no comments and no offers of support for her. This left me feeling sad. But sadness is only an emotional mask for anger. I had to look at this emotion and face it honestly in order to move through it.

I believe the process of asking for help for ourselves or another person is honest; we all ask for help at different times in our lives.

Each one of us is in need in some way of some thing. Sometimes just being heard is what we need, not feeling shut out, pushed away, ignored and lonely.

I learned in ministry school that it is healthy to ask for what we need.  Notice I did not say what we "want", but what we "need".

Wanting is an emotion of the human kind. Needing is a desire of the spiritual kind. 

Sometimes the lesson is recognition that we were strong enough, powerful enough, to be willing to ask for help. I've decided to hold on to this today and let go of the results.

With this realization and deeper understanding, the mask of sadness has dissipated. I am left with a Truth and it is this:

(Use the link to go directly to my campaign for Jennie at GoFundMe.)


In addition to my previous gifts, I pledge to match all donations made during the month of December, up to $200.00. I am looking toward the good in all things today!

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014



Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

Dear Reader,

I love synchronicity! In my previous blog I wrote about the joy in helping others. I spoke about surprise gift-giving, donating to needy causes, paying it forward. Doing for another when times are critical gives our own hearts enormous joy. I believe spiritually that we are at our best when helping others and that God uses us to do his work. I have seen this in my own life and cherish the angels who have helped me.

In that blog, I described to you the love that is created within the heart when giving to others. Within twenty-four hours of having written that blog and posting to you, I was made aware of a family in real need.

What better time of year to ask for your help, than this Holy month of birth, celebration and joy?

Please let me tell you about this family in hopes that you will join me in helping them:

My friend's husband suffers from mental illness as a result of a stroke more than three years ago. On full disability, the amount that he receives pays the mortgage and a portion of the electric bill each month.

My friend has a brain injury and loss of dexterity. She can no longer do the fine seed beading she once enjoyed. At the time of the injury she was given a 20% chance to awaken and was declared dead four times. She was given a slim chance of recovering with any function at all.

Most things she does each day can be a challenge due to chronic pain. "Something always hurts." Employed as a car detailer, the physicality of this work is becoming more and more difficult. The emotional stress and financial needs are taking a toll, as well.

Vision problems have heightened and doctors have diagnosed that she needs a double cornea transplant. She is trying to obtain financial aid to provide payment for this surgery.

On the lighter side, she loves to write poetry and has recently returned to singing, something she has always loved to do. Here is a lullaby she wrote to her daughter years ago:

All through the night I'm standing over you
And all through the night I'm watching over you
When bad dreams come
 I'll be there, my baby, to tell you
Everything's gonna be all right.
And when you cry,
I'll be there, my baby, to tell you
You're nothing less than beautiful.
So don't you worry,
I'm your angel,
standing by.

(copyright JJ 2014)

I invite you to be an angel and help me help them! From my own pockets, I have provided a payment directly to their local PUD account for electric service, ordered a grocery gift card and a gasoline gift card. 

If you would join me and help this family have a brighter holiday please write to me at I will provide you with their name and address so that you may gift to them. 

You are invited to duplicate one or all of the services I have provided. We are only at the beginning of a cold winter and additional gifts will truly help this couple.

Please consider paying down their electric bill and/or give a gift card for specific services. I welcome your questions or concerns. Thank you and God bless you!

"Thank you for reading and have a great day!"